7 Easy Steps for a Self Blow Dry


                    7 Easy Steps for A Self Blow-Out


7 Easy Steps to a Successful Self Blow-Dry
Step 1: Towel Dry and Apply your Product of Choice...
Step 2: "Power Dry" blast your hair dry 70%-80%.  It is important to "blast" with the direction of the cuticle layer, from the scalp towards the end of the hair shaft, this will prevent un-necessary tangles and frizz
Step 3: "Section Hair" It is important to work with a section that is no more than 1" to 2" thick.  This will make it easier to and quicker to smooth and shape hair
Step 4: "Sub-Sections prep"....pick up a section no wider than your round brush, over direct the section up above your parting by brushing it straight up, this will help to give it volume and fullness and prevent any flat areas on the scalp area
Step 5: "Smooth Sailing"  Place the brush close to your scalp and let your hair rest on top of the brush...Place the nozzle of the dryer over the brush sandwiching your hair between the two and pull the brush through your hair following with the nozzle and  repeat until the hair is smooth
Step 6: "Bend it Baby"  After the mid shaft is smooth then focus on the ends by turning the round brush with your hair while concentrating the nozzle towards the end, this step is important to give your hair the "finished look"
Step 7: "Finish it up" all that is left is to use a finishing product to add some extra control and shine
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