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Looking for that perfect tan, or just a little glow? Have you realized just how dangerous the Sun can be? Whitney Sheppard is providing the best way to get that sun-kissed look we all love - without those damaging UV rays. If you are familiar with spray tans, you are probably all too familiar with - or have seen some really bad ones. Most of the "booth" type spray tans come in the choices of: light; medium; and dark. The makers of Infinity Sun have 30 different shades, their technology is superb, and that's why it is our choice at Custom Airbrush Tanning - The Healthy Alternative. Once you have experienced this type of personalized airbrush tan, you will never go to another booth again. You can have that beautiful glow all year long, or for that special occasion. The application only takes about 10 minutes – unlike days in the Sun or hours in a tanning bed.

This process is harmless to your skin, and includes a pH balanced normalizer before every tan. She also offers an anti-aging, collagen-producing treatment after your tan, or as a stand-alone. Look for your tan to last about a week. Using Infinity Sun's Tan Extender can increase the longevity of your tan, as it is a water based moisturizer with a small amount of DHA.

At Custom Airbrush Tanning - The Healthy Alternative I strive to give you the most beautiful, natural-looking tan in the most comfortable, professional setting. Bring your favorite bathing suit, make use of our convenient disposable undergarments, or go au-naturel - I cater to your comfort level.


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